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MIRLEDBK – Black motorcycle mirrors with LED turn signals & running lights – Indian – Shop by Motorcycle

MIRLEDBK – Black motorcycle mirrors with LED turn signals & running lights

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●  Front (orange running & turn) and rear (red turn only) facing LED lights

●  3 ½” long mirror stems

●  5” slightly convex mirror surface

●  Black semi-gloss finish

●  Fits motorcycles with handlebar mounted mirrors



Placing turn signals and running lights higher places them into the field of vision of other drivers.  Increasing your rear-view field of vision by replacing your factory mirrors to the MIRLEDBK is a wise choice.  With a 3 ½” long mirror stems and 5” slightly convex mirror surface the MIRLEDBK does both. 

The stylish design and triple chrome-plated finish of the MIRLEDBK looks great while keeping you safe.  Use the MIRLEDBK to replace your factory turn signals and get a “minimalist” look on your custom motorcycle.  The MIRLEDBK is also available in chrome finish under part number MIRLED.

The MIRLEDBK replaces factory handlebar-mounted mirrors and hardware is included for installation on metric and standard motorcycle models from BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, Yamaha, and more.  Wiring the MIRLEDBK easy by following the wiring diagram included in the kit.  Installation is as simple as bolting them on and connecting three wires.

NOTE: Part number MIR100 is required to install MIRLEDBK and MIRLED turn signal mirrors onto motorcycles using the CAN Bus wiring system like BMW, newer Harley-Davidson models, Indian, and Victory.  Check with your motorcycle manufacturer if you are unsure if your model uses the CAN Bus system.

Fitment and Instructions

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Instruction Manual Download Here
Fits The MIRLED and MIRLEDBK fit motorcycles with factory handlebar mounted rear view mirrors. Hidden search terms: Mirrors, turn signals, turn signal mirrors, LED mirrors
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