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                 The Smart Choice in Bolt-On Accessories for 35 Years

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Our Story

RIVCO Products, Inc.
Manufacturers of Quality Motorcycle Accessories

We are different by design!

RIVCO PRODUCTS, INC. has been in business for over 35 years, transitioning from an independent motorcycle mechanic shop and parts dealer to the largest Yamaha dealer in the United States, then high end contract machining vendor, onto custom motorcycle accessories manufacturer.

RIVCO PartsCurrently RIVCO offers over 350 different products, including unique systems for air and electric horns, armrests, trailer hitches, flag mounts and oil filter wrenches. RIVCO offers accessories for hundreds of Harley, Honda, Can-Am Spyder, Triumph, Yamaha, Suzuki, Victory, Kawasaki and Indian brand models, spanning from 1989 to 2017.  Our Dealer Network has over 1,000 dealer relationships, which includes 600 stocking dealers around the world.

RIVCO specializes in making high quality accessories for buyers of new and used motorcycles, who are searching for custom products that make their favorite sport safer and more comfortable, or sets them apart from other riders with the same type motorcycle.



The RIVCO Difference

The main difference between RIVCO and most other parts suppliers is that RIVCO is an independent manufacturer, not affiliated to, or a sub-company of any larger holding companies or motorcycle makers. Many dealers and third party sellers (especially online dealers) are purely resellers of parts, often the same parts, primarily made, assembled and packaged overseas.

RIVCO is free to choose to design specific products for specific motorcycles, manufacture in limited or large amounts depending on demand, and keep the parts in stock as long as there is demand. We make superior accessories that you can’t get anywhere else. We are different by design.

Rich Colano Rivco Products

Our Passion

Owner and president Rich Colano’s lifelong passion for motorcycles has driven him to design, manufacture and retail proprietary bolt-on accessories for the huge and growing street cruiser, bagger and touring motorcycle markets, including Can-Am Spyder.  


RIVCO attends 16 or more motorcycle rallies or industry events each year, including rides and charity events, often driving the Peterbilt semi-trailer showroom, loaded with product samples, proto-types, replacement parts, and informational material. These gatherings are vitally important because of the opportunity to meet fans, RIVCO dealers and new customers, while promoting the brand outside of the Midwest, and gathering rider opinions on new and improved products.



RIVCO Motorcycle Factory

Our Factory

RIVCO builds accessories at our factory in the historic Brassworks Building in Burlington, Wisconsin. Rich has deep regional ties to the area and Wisconsin has a strong motorcycling culture. The state is not only home to many other manufacturers, dealers, and distributors of motorcycle products, but also offers a dependable local workforce that is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about bikes and the riding culture. The Burlington factory is the starting point for design, manufacturing, polishing, finishing, assembly, packaging and shipping to customers and dealers around the world.



RIVCO Rideouts CharityOur Mission Statement

RIVCO Products, Inc. is committed to manufacturing unique, high quality motorcycle accessories for ultimate rider safety, enjoyment and style.