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IC007 – Hidden hitch with vertical receiver for all 2014-2016 Indian models (excluding Scout models, will not fit 2017)

IC007 – Hidden hitch with vertical receiver for all 2014-2016 Indian models (excluding Scout models, will not fit 2017)

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●  Hitch is hidden with tongue removed

●  Chrome plated tongue is removed in seconds by pulling pin & sliding out

●  Made from high-tensile, strong steel

●  Made in the USA

●  Bolt-on installation made easy with included instructions & mounting hardware



There are times when you need to bring some of the comforts from home on the road with you but some things are too large, or too numerous, for the storage on your motorcycle.  Installing the IC007 hidden hitch with vertical receiver on your motorcycle allows you to tow a trailer full of comforts from home. 

Removing the chrome-plated tongue is as simple as pulling the retaining pin and the tongue out of the receiver.  The black powder coated, high-tensile steel hitch frame stays hidden on the bike without the tongue in place.  Although not included with our trailer hitch, we offer our GL18007-C tow ball sold separately.

Maximum recommended tongue weight of the IC007 hitch is 60 lbs.  Maximum recommended tow weight of the IC007 is 600 lbs.  Do not exceed the motorcycle manufacturer maximum axle weight when towing. 

Will installing a trailer hitch void my motorcycle warranty?  No, in 1975 the federal government passed a set of laws called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.  This act states your vehicle warranty cannot be voided or canceled for using any non-original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) part or accessory (like our trailer hitch) unless the manufacturer of the vehicle can prove the use of this non-O.E.M. part or accessory caused a failure of any part or parts on the vehicle.  We encourage you to research the Magnuson-Moss act then share your findings with your dealer if they tell you installing our trailer hitch or any of our accessories will void your warranty.

What wiring components will I need to purchase to complete the circuit between my motorcycle and my trailer?  There are a few possibilities for wiring your IC007 trailer hitch.  The components needed will depend on year, make, and model of your motorcycle and the configuration of your trailer’s wiring.  RIVCO offers plug-n-play components that cover all the motorcycle models our trailer hitches fit.  Here are four quick steps to help you determine which wiring components you will need:

1.)    You will need our VCC007-49 sub-harness to plug into your factory tail light wiring.

2.)    Connect our VCC007-50 CANbus wiring converter to the VCC007-49 sub harness from step #1. 

3.)    If your trailer uses a five-wire system, move on to step 4.  If your trailer uses a four-wire system, you will need to plug in our EC07664 five-to-four wire converter into the VCC007-50 from step #2.

4.)    Connect our GL18007-IU isolator to the VCC007-50 converter from step #2 (or the EC07664 from step #3 if required).  An isolator is like a multi-channel relay pulling power for your trailer lights directly from the motorcycle battery to prevent over-loading your motorcycle tail light wiring.

5.)    RIVCO does not provide plugs to match other manufacturer’s plugs, as there are far too many.  We do however offer two different matched sets of male and female trailer plugs under part numbers TWC001 and TWC002.

We understand that trailer wiring can seem complicated and we are here to help.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us during our business hours via telephone at 262-763-8222 or anytime via email at support@rivcoproducts.com.

Fitment and Instructions

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Fits The IC007 fits all 2014-2016 Indian motorcycles (excluding Scout models, will not fit 2017).
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